I choose the Road Less Traveled

As I walk out to the mail box this road is what I see. Not a well traveled road or all weather road my any means.

It's the road that leads to the farm where we live.

It's the road that leads to where I play, build and live the dream.

It's a road that's traveled barefoot by many species.

As you join me on my journey down the road, you will start to understand my world and why I do what I do.

Discover how I can Help YOU be successful Marketing Online too!

Have you struggled to find the right small business or the right coach for you?

Are you sick and tired of failing... and looking for proven Marketing Strategies?

Are you looking for a team, coach/mentor who won’t leave you high and dry?

Would you like to be introduced to Proven Business Strategies that actually work? I have put this site up for you to learn more about me, Cindy McAsey , why I do what I do and how I can help you be successful Marketing too.

What can Cindy McAsey do for me?

The Highest Distinction of Service is Service given to Others

Hi, I am the proud owner of my own marketing business called "Barefoot in the Garden" I use the name barefoot in most of my site's online. Yes, I'm barefoot most of the time too...

I have been in Marketing for over 15 years and marketing strictly on the net since 2002. I'm the owner/designer/editor of several blogs, social networking sites, forums, websites etc.... I have helped my children get start and expand their business with their own marketing sites etc too.

The Social Marketing distribution business model and the direct sales arena has afforded me the supreme pleasure of working from our farm surrounded by the things and people I love.

I don't wake up to an alarm clock in fact I don't even wear a watch anymore. It amazing the how relaxed and go with the flow type of a person I have become. I go many days with out even putting on shoes except to go on my daily run/walk.

If you are serious about exiting the box forever, retiring with dignity, relaxing by the pool, camping and trail riding as a vocation instead of a vacation, staying home and raising your kids instead of farming them out to a stranger to raise, then read on my friend.

I've been a trainer for Automated Marketing Systems and seen many come and go over the years. I'll be able to help shorten your learning curve on what does and doesn't work for sure! Here is a quote from Tom CEO one of the marketing systems , "Cindy is an awesome marketer We are lucky to have her."

My Goal for this Site

It is my intention that you will read something here that it will just make sense and that you and I will have something in common that will bring us together as business partners. The purpose of this site is not to toot my horn, it's for you to get to know me a little bit better so you will know if it will be a good business match for you or not.

What you make of your life is up to you... you have all the tools and resources you need; what you do with them is up to you... The choice is yours.

My goal here is to help you make a lot of money so that you can make choices, because that is what true freedom is all about... making choices.

Along as another person controls your income and tells you how much you are worth, what size of a house you can live in, how long of a vacation you can take, what kind schools your kids must go to, how well you can care for your aging parents, when to go to the bathroom, when to eat, how along of a break you can take, then, you my dear reader, are not free to make choices.

My promise to you...

You are probably here looking at this site because you would like to know more about my Business, or just about me! This is really good because, you are doing you due diligence and getting to know me and our team philosophy before buying tools, systems, programs or joining our team. Gosh there are just so many scams out there. I have found it is best to get to know the person behind those sites, programs, and tools first before you make any decisions.

The Answers are found within you... You already have the answers to life's questions... All you need to do is look, listen within, and trust your intuitive powers
 I will be sharing with you lot's about me. The reason I do this, is because I am a follower who has become a successful team leader. You can only become a good team leader after you've has been a good follower. In over 15 years in Networking, in many cases the blind following the blind, I have made all of the mistakes that can be made, so that, by having walked through the path that lies in front of you, all you have to do is place your foot in my every step and I promise you will not get any painful stickers!"Learn from the mistakes of others -- you can never live long enough to make them all yourself"

Information-Packed Business History

I started my journey out of school as a commissioned cosmetologist. My specialty was chemical work I was very good at designing new looks through coloring, highlighting and chemical permanent wave's. If I knew then what I know now I would have never started into that profession. Don't get me wrong I loved the design part of cosmetology and our customers. What I didn't like or should I say my body didn't like.. was the chemicals.

Finally my doctor convinced me that I needed to move into another profession when I was down to 82 lbs. and constantly getting sinus attacks and big headaches.

I then went into Direct Marketing in the early 90's with World Book Encyclopedia, going door to door selling books and put hundreds of miles on my car. I did very well with that company winning a trip to AZ for selling 30+ sets of encyclopedia's in a months time. Not an easy feat in our rural area. Hence the many miles put on my car. I then made a really dumb move and let another book company recruit me and 6 weeks later they went bankrupt.

From there I went to Nikken Corp. Yes, I was known for a short time as the Magnet lady. With this companies as most MLM's I was taught to market to my friends and family. My Dad asked me when I was going to get a real job! This was before the internet had even made it to KS.
After showing the Nikken Magnets to all of my friends and family our rural area in KS I became a member of the NFL club Can you say NO FRIENDS LEFT? This penguin reminds me what my family and friends probably wanted to do to me back then.

With mounting debt and no real income coming in I started looking for a way to work from home. My husband was so thankful that I had finally come to my senses... That's when I jumped into the non-profit world. I had read that non-profits were sometimes willing to let you work from home to save on expenses. I got my first salaried job as a Community Director for the March of Dimes. Basically I was taught to be a professional fundraiser. Yes the hours were flexible and I did get to work some at home, but I was only paid for 30 hours and working sometimes 60 hours a week... not a deal..

I started my search again for something I could do on my own and work commission like I was used to at the same time having the salary to pay the bills. That's when I was introduced to Shaklee I really checked out the company before joining determined not the make another mistake and be burned. Shaklee did have a soft spot in my heart because my great aunt used to sell Shaklee Products and I remember going to my Grandma's house and having a Basic H bath. After thoroughly checking out Shaklee and realizing Shaklee  has spent more money in research and development for their products than the March of Dimes a national non-profit was investing into research I decided something need to change and started my Barefoot in the Garden Business.

Well little did I know at the time but the March of Dimes was in the process of downsizing in the rural areas leaving me without the JOB. I really wanted to just stay home and build my Barefoot business, but my husband wasn't near as confident as I was. When a JOB came open for another National non-profit, I applied to keep peace in the family. I was hired on and right away went to work helping people 55+ get training and employment. I really excelled with that company called "Green Thumb" and was promoted to State Director for KS in about a year.

At the same time I was steadly growing my Barefoot in the Garden business qualifying for the new directors convention in San Francisco, CA. After the free trip, my husband decided Shaklee was OK and I had his support again.

Working for "Green Thumb" I learned a lot about how other people live and how they sometimes struggle in life. I realized I had a talent for taking people at their lowest point of their life and picking them up, brushing them off and turning their life around. I was able to help someone who had lived in the VA Hospital for over 20 years on total government support get training, a job, find a place to live and be totally off government support. There are many others I could talk about, but helping that Veteran is one of my fondest memories.

All Great Men and Women became Successful because the gave some talent or ability in the Service of Others...

I guess the reason I mention this is, if I was able to help so many people who many have struggled all of their life, I can help you follow in my footsteps and be successful on the net too. By the way that JOB ended when the Dept. of Labor didn't refund our grant. At the time this was devastating for me and my staff. Now I think back and know it was a blessing for me. This time no one was going to stop me from going full-time my own business. I already had a good base built I just needed to expand it.

Thank Goodness for the Internet and Today's technology!

I think of the internet as a big ocean and either you sink or swim. Through much trial and error I've pretty much been through it all and have come out not just swimming, but have found several great places to do business.

Let me Show You My Family

This picture was taken right after Matt our oldest son and Kristen's Wedding.(Jan '07) They both are graduates of Kansas State University and have the cutest little boy's and n a "lil miss." Words can't even express how joy being a Grandparent is, and as you can imagine can do NO wrong. We have many pictures on Facebook of the little ones!

Adam graduated from KSU in Dec '06 which is a story in it's self...Read More
The other handsome guy in the picture is my husband of 30+ years, Michael. He is and excellent cook and loves growing vegetables and preserving them. In his spare time... Mike is training a couple of trail mules for us to trail ride with. This is a picture of our Mules. They are out of a Fox Trotter Mares and Mammoth Jack. They are considered a Gaited Mules.

I can't really say I'm helping train them, because I'm just a big chicken when it comes to starting mules to ride for the first time. I have ridden, shown, participated in drill teams, parade's you name it I've probably done or tried to do it from horse back. I can remember one time my sisters and I were suppose to be cleaning up around the farm... so we got the bright idea to attach an old tire with a rope an tie it on to the bareback pad of the horse that I was riding.

The horse had never pulled anything before... I had just shorts and a tank top on no shoes as usual... you can probably guess what happened next. Yep.. I my barefoot went through the stirrups and I was bucked half way off, drug, stomped on around the farm for what seemed like an eternity, before finally breaking the saddle and landing under the truck.

I guess I can say we learn from our experiences... I never rode with a saddle on after that without jeans and boots on. I've been bucked off many times since then and still get back on and ride.

 Huck our Mastiff. We love him so much! His biggest weapon is his tail, when he's excited look out.. it goes fast and is strong.

Instant Impact...Hobby becomes Business Name

Here is my business name and logo that I use for my business. My tag line is: Cindy.. Mom with 2 kids a husband and a farm full of animals chasing them til I'm 90.

That pretty much fits who I am and what I do most of the time. I love great flower and herb gardens with water features in them. We really do have a farm full of animals. I spent my childhood day's in 4-H every year taking my projects to the local fairs. Some of my projects included, horses, swine, steer, cooking, sewing, knitting, style review and leadership.

When my kids were old enough to join 4-H I became the clubs 4-H organizational leader and basically went through the whole process again for their 12 years in 4-H. Some of Matt & Adam's projects were...horses, swine, dog obedience, gardening, fishing, woodworking, shooting sports, and leadership.

At one time we had over 200 greyhounds on our farm that my husband raised and trained for racing. We did a lot of chasing back in those days!

Though my business name doesn't reflect it I am a huge music fan. I think one of the reasons is because I really admire singers for sticking to their dream and never giving up. I know there are a lot of talented singers in this world that never make it because they give up or don't have the confidence to put themselves in front of people to be discovered. (btw I love watching  #idol, #thevoice etc.)

Others are mirrors of your own self image...You will be drawn to others for the positive qualities your believe exist within you. In a similar way you will tend to hate others who reflect back to you those qualities you fear most in yourself.

At Last... What Do I Do

I help people who want to build a business learn how... and have a positive cash flow at the same time.

Have you have gotten your feet wet with marketing but have made no real money? I can help you. Lot's of times what happens people jump into too many business ventures and can't focus enough to get anything up and going. I have found the perfect formula to help you build your business.

I know what new business owners need because I spent the last several years seeking the same tools and resources that you will need to build a successful business. I guess you could say I'm here to shorten your learning curve.

Just like brick and mortar businesses have conferences.. we communicate through a private skype group daily for training, questions and support.  It's a very comforting feeling to know you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Nothing is more Expensive than a Missed Opportunity..
My business has given me the opportunity to create something that I love to do. Having the flexibility to stay on the farm, enjoy country living lifestyle, to be able to work when I want and with the people I choose to work with. More important to me is working with our boys helping them create a business, which can be passed down to future generations.

I market my business using many professionally designed marketing tools and with support of top industry leaders. Doing business this way has allowed me to step out of the business clothes that I wore for many years in Corp. world and go barefoot in the garden when ever I want to!

Simple but Powerful Business Model

As your personal success coach I will mentor you to meet and exceed your goals and core desires, by teaching you do what I'm doing...

I connect with other people with similar interests or they contact me depending on which reach out method I'm using. I help them generate some much needed "Cash" right away, meeting their immediate income needs.

They choose to partner with me because they trust me as a team leader, and because I helped them achieve one of the things that has been eluding them until now in their business "cash in hand money." But more importantly they see Shaklee as I did many years ago... a long term stable company that is exploding and expanding to 50 countries within the few years. Not the mention the side health benefits.
It really doesn't make any difference how wealthy you are if you don't have your health to enjoy it.

Here is a really cool youtube video that really explains why the opportunity is so powerful. Called the Wellness Revolution.

With our business model you redirect money that you are already spending in your household budget (we call this Shakleeizing your home), so it's not extra money that you must come up with each month to keep your business going. It's very simple to do just go to your own site, place your order and the products are delivered to you door step.

As a part of our team we plug you into our professional support tools, live web conferences, skype team group, and 1-to-1 mentoring inspiring you to be focused and grow quickly.

For people who are into numbers... and would like to see the Shaklee Bonus Plan, helping so many new builders break the 4 minute mile so to speak. Dream Rewards Chart 2011-2012

7 Reasons to STOP the Hunt and Get Started Earning Cash!

1. You will never have to buy leads again.

2. Have prospects connecting with you.

3. Automated Systems working 24/7

4. Personal Mentoring for your success

5. Immediate income paid weekly.

6. Build multiple streams of income with a focus...

7. Last but not least... Success breeds success. Are you hanging out with successful people or are you on your own? If you are alone, chances are that you will fail. I almost guarantee it. Your chances of you succeeding working with our team? Well, you must decide that one. Pick up your phone and talk to me. I answer all my calls, and I get back to everyone who calls me personally. 888-272-6701

Nothing Else Compares to Satisfied Customers..

March 16,2009

I am John's wife Lori and I just wanted to say how reassuring it is to still have people out there who care about the customer. Your support this morning was courteous, prompt and results oriented.



Thank you Cindy,
I received the product last week some time, I can’t remember just when because I'm so excited about the results!

I started taking each vitamin the same day & haven't stopped since because of the energy and the more wholesome feeling I've started to have. That sluggish feeling that usually initiates my day has since disappeared.

Thank you so much for sending my order in such an expedient manner & every thing is fresh & not stale or old in any way. After moving to Phoenix a year ago I found a distributor here but the products she sold were old & stale. Sometimes people who haven't sold items in some time may have a tendency to pass off what's been on their shelves the longest to unsuspecting customers and I've never been back.

It's been many months since then but I decided to try the internet & I'm not sorry one bit! Everything is great & I will be ordering more.
Thank You again so much and have a Blessed Day,
W. Hub

Kind words from business associates...

I am learning so much and getting very excited.. I love to listen to you.. you know so much and have so many ideas.. you have quickly become my favorite trainer.. they are all very good but you just have so many ideas!! I can't believe how much potential there is for business online.. wow.. I have a long way to go.. but I am catching on.. slowly.. ha ha..
Thanks so much for your help,
Vicki Zerbee

[g_ladybiz_veretekk_com] I wanted to thank you for the help you have given me in the last week. It has helped big time I am getting more leads and developing an internet presence. Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Sue

[Angie] Thank you so much-you are such a giving trainer. Love the pets. I am really into animals.Horse, bird, cat dog. Thanks for everything. See you on tomorrow's training

[Bill Reid] Thank you Cindy, you do a very good job...Helps me to make my decision to upgrade to gold..

[Clifton Web Group] always enjoy what you have to say as you consistently add something new...THANKS

You'll never have to worry again

Have you ever struggled with cash flow in your business.
I think most businesses have especially when they start out. I went to a small business training several years ago put on by the US Small Business Admin. When they told me to expect to work 3 to 5 years before you show a profit I about fell off my chair...

Actually I had already been in my primary company for several years, but only part-time while I worked in the corporate world. I was the State Director for a national non-profit organization that helped people 55+ get training and find employment. I was very successful in that company but when the grant the program is funded on was not renewed there went my JOB and all my staff lost their jobs too.

For me it has been a blessing, because it gave me a chance jump in full time to my business and internet marketing. Unfortunately my staff haven't been quite as lucky, because they didn't have a business to fall back on. We live in rural America so those good Job's are hard to find also are very few and far between. Believe me after finding Job's for others for several years I knew what they were up against. A business isn't for everyone though.

I have been successful building a strong customer base with my primary company so I happen to have the monthly income coming in that most new businesses don't. When I realized that in order for me help others grow and prosper in internet marketing I needed a system that could bring in immediate income.

Well guess what... I have a system to help small business owners needing cash flow to keep their business going.

Call me if you have questions 888-272-6701.

Frequently Asked Questions

THANK YOU so much for sending, "Busy Mom's Take a Look." Even though I'm not a Mom, I really enjoyed all the information about children's health, eczema, milk shakes (I might want to talk to you about those!)
and I even printed it all! You never know when stuff like that will come in handy. Do you sit at your computer and/or in a product room surrounded by Shaklee products 24 hours a day? I have this vision of you....But then, who takes care of all the farm animals? Somebody has to do that! How DO you manage, Oh Great Lady of the farm?
Debbie Cooper
Your Welcome, Yes I'm usually at my computer several hours a day... I take lots of breaks and play/take care of the our precious animals. As far as a Shaklee product room is concerned I don't handle any products other than what we use at our house personally and extra green cream... All Shaklee products are shipped from a distribution center in Dayton, Ohio.

Actually I only work Mon.- Thurs and sometimes Friday mornings. I really love the flexible hours and my family loves it to. I have become the person they can rely on if they need help or a driver somewhere.

Lately I've been making trips to the Airport to pick them up or send them off on vacation. Tomorrow I'm picking my Mom, niece, and nephew from my Mom's farm and taking them to the Airport to fly to meet my sister and then they are off to Hawaii. Last week I just picked up my Mother-in-law from the airport too. She was returning from Las Vegas.

I feel so thankful to have a business that I can do these kind of things for my family. I am usually the caretaker of our farm for the daily chores, My Husband and boys are the ones who do most of the extra things that need to be done on the farm. Actually my husband does most of the cooking, taking care of the vegetable garden, preserving etc. Our son's Matt and Adam take care of all the mechanical tasks that need to be done with the equipment, and are a part of my business also. They help with the processing of orders, make some of the posts to the blogs, and help find new people to bring into the business.

So Debbie, as you can see I have lots of help... this business is really all of us working and creating success together.
Barefoot in the Garden

Hi Cindy,

I wanted to just say thanks for allowing me to join you and Marge and Ellen on your web-cast today.
I have some leads that we can share if you would like as a thank you for your trying to assist me with what I am doing. Also, when I have Bill and Rose paid for mentoring, I would like for us to set up some kind of payment till I get on my feet, for your helping me. What do you think?
You have a good evening. I enjoyed myself today.


You are welcome to join us anytime.. there is NO need for you to pay me!

Have you ever seen the movie "pay it forward"? If you have then you know what I'm talking about when I'll ask you to help someone else someday like I have done for today.... hence paying the favor forward.
Take Care and Know that I Care,

Why I do what I do...

In order to be successful at anything you need to have a strong why. For me that strong why is my kids, grandchildren, and all of the generations to follow after them. I don't know about you but I would do about anything to help my kids. I don't know if everyone has this strong motherly instinct. I want to set an example, a path for them to follow if they choose to.

I want to do my part to make this world a better place to live. With their being so many scams out there on the net today, I want to set an example by helping others succeed and change lives.

I know that some people might not think they do not want to be a part of  B-Barefoot or the social marketing industry and I understand their concerns, because at one time I was just like they were. I did the same thing when I was first introduced to this concept. I dismissed it too, but that was because I didn't fully understand this way of marketing or why someone would want to market health/environmentally safe products. Sometimes we self sabotage the things we say we want.

The point is not that you buy everything that comes your way, but that you don't dismiss everything that comes your way. Sometimes a dismissal is a mask. It's your self-sabotage at work, keeping you where you're at. To grow, you must allow.

You are the final authority on your life. Tune in to yourself and do what's right for you. And as you do this, be alert to those times when you may be dismissing the next gift to come your way.

For me, knowing Shaklee will never produce anything to upset the ozone layer, fall into the hype or let a product continue to be produced just for the almighty dollar.